Voting on the Blockchain:

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Pioneering An Evolution In Voting Technologies

The Vote Module is an integratable platform which can be deployed as a unique instance
to fit within parameters in a permissionable scope to adapt to the needs of various types
of polling and voting.


There are many benefits of distributed ledger technologies, with the potential to be the most suitable solution for secure and transparent voting applications.


The parameters can be refined to fit the needs of any organization or government entity.

Cost Efficient

The resource cost for operating on the blockchain framework is magnitudes cheaper than traditional models.

Collusion Proof

The distributed nature allows the app to be resistant to third party attacks and manipulation.

Censorship Free

The transparency of data allows for a degree of censorship resistance.


Every vote is recorded permanently, and would require an attack to alter which is technically infeasable.


The transaction capacity of the network allows for the voting applications to be scalable.

Use Cases: